08 August 2010

I Love August

Welcome to August! It is my fav month of the year especially because I was born on August (typical of me.. hehe) besides our Independence Day also will be celebrated every August - so kita cuti.. semua suka cutikan... who doesn't....???
However – on the other hand.. I had lost one of my colleage in August… after one by one left us (as we started in 1 biggg team ) – now it’s Mekda turn due to her contract expiry – same goes to me. Luckily, I’ve got a renewal for 2 years. Syukur masih ada Rezeki disini… 

 Mekda on her last day at office 
**eppy besday to u - bunga cantik from me**
From one big family, now only left me & Ijad here. Nak buat macam mana, hidup mesti diteruskan. For Mekda, all the best in your new life (Mr. Hubby pun dah balik Malaysia for good kan.. so mesti u happy and hope u enjoy the real marriage life! hehe).
Talking about contract renewal – let’s get back to my previous entry regarding my WISHLiST of 2010 - i guess i had complished most of it :-

1) Contract Renewal - checked! got 2 years renewal

2) Having baby - Alhamdulillah… after what I've been thru – I am now 13weeks pregnant… segala kerisauan, keraguan telah pun hilang when doctor confirm that baby already inside my womb and doing well there.  First time we heard the heartbeat, I’d almost cried – dan tak henti2 mengucapkan syukur… most of my colleagues keep asking me on how did this baby things came especially it was during my hectic period at office. As I have no words to say melainkan Kuasa dan Kebesaran Allah
Akhirnya, dgn hati yg penuh syukur … i admit that – bila Rezeki tu nk tiba.. dia akan tiba. *wink*
 my little dear
3) Kristal Height - pending.. still in waiting mode.

4) Lots of cash - Alhamdulillah for what we have now.. :)

5) Settle down 2 out of 3 credit card - checked! sangat legaaaaaaa :)
Not to forget – congrats to Kimmy for her newborn - Qaiser Yusuf on 14/7/2010 and my condolences to Ana  - as she just lost her baby due to ectopic pregnancy. I do really really know how it felt dear –- especially after a long waiting… mmg Rezeki tu dah ada Cuma belum betul2 lagi masanya.. be strong dear and don’t give-up okay..… now we have things in common la… apa lagi kalau bukan - pusat yang cumil! *wink*


Landak said...

congrat coz dh pregnant..so bila dua..anak kita sebaya ke nanti?

Leenz Yusoff said...

anak tahun baru 2011.. InsyaAllah kalau dizinkan kali ni.... :)

faRhaNa said...

sudah!!jgn disebut pasal pusat itu..hahahaha...alhamdulillah getting better...skrg pkir mau berusaha!!chaiyok2x!!tul ckp akak, klu dah rezeki tuh x kemane..janji kt berusaha!!

Leenz Yusoff said...

gud dear.. positip!! okay ;)


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