25 July 2010

My Silentness

Hi all… it seems that I was in silent for a veryyyyy longgg time, don’t  ya? 

Sorry for my long hiatus as this time I have no other reason why I did this – melainkan “malas – penat – no mood”.
Everything started when I’m joining a special mission/task at my new dept – there were a group of us termasuk la dari big bos – to bosses – to all executives – admin staffs – warehouse/maintenance staffs – joined together in one big room which we called it earlier as  “bilik kebal” later turn as “bilik puaka”. Too much memories there especially on our working hours which is beyond the limit. Since the task need to be completed within a month – so we got to work like hell…! Myself, i had working hour started every 9am in the morning – and it will drag me to at least the latest was at 12midnite – and the next day till the end of the war .. it drag me to 3am everyday. There was a time I stayed more than 24hours at office (from 9am – 1pm on the next day). Crazy huhhh!!! The feeling??? Everything! – stress – penat – tension – happy – sleepy – but mostly mmg pressure la.  
And, I am so glad that Mr. B… who'd never complaint, in fact he’s so patient on waiting me to roger him – pukul 12mlm ke - 1 pagi ke - 3 pagi ke…gigih keluar rumah utk menjemput isteri tercinta pulang.. hehe.. thanks dear ;)

And everything was ended this week... what a relief for all of us.
Some photos during the hectic period – more about me – Mekda – Nadia & Roha……


 muka2 tak tido 24hours

 it's World Cup time! layan sambil kerja

 the end... bilik puaka dlm kenangan

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