25 February 2010

Farewell's Lunch 250210

Today we had a farewell lunch for Azura, Hedri & Fazlan @ Aladin Ampang Point. The main menu here is Nasi Beriani. 

 Azura, Fazlan & Hedri

Nothing much to say - but for sure we gonna miss them... Although with different characters, but when we get together - confirm pecah perut tk ingat.... that is the best things about us - NBI CME team.. 

After this, few others will leaving us too - could be due to end of contract or getting better offer from other company. well - it's happen around us.. people came in our life - getting close to us - and soon will be leaving us for a gud reason. 

 part of NBI, CME team

For Azura, Fazlan & Hedri - all the best to u guys and hope we would keep in touch forever.. Friendship remains okay....

** promo for Azura : hope she will success with her CANTIK MANIS bridal boutique.


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