07 January 2010

Welcome to the Board!

It's a welcoming message from my new Boss as effective of 4th Jan, i has been transfered to a new department. Today is my 1st day of being at my new working place and it's a one big room where only 4 of us will stay here.

Althought it's a bit quiet here - and not as happening as upstairs where all team from various department been worked together but we will ensure to make things fun and for that - we have created the environment as we like! How to arrange our workingdesk - and so on.

So, what i wish from here - hope this would be a gud starter for me on this 2010. I have no resolution - just like a years before.. as i'm afraid it will not happend as what i want. So - i prefer to called this as my wishlist of this year.. and there are

leenz's WISHLIST of 2010

1) Fun At Work! Contract renew / Permanent status 

2) Having baby or babies

i've been tried this for a year and half and still wishing a miracle to happen - someday

3) Get into our new home - Kristal Height

4) Earn lots of cash 

5) settle down 2 (out of 3) of my credit cards

and this time -  i will ensure myself to achieve those mentioned above... and of-course with GOD willing... INSYAALLAH...

what about u guys...? ;)


kimmy said...

im pray for u too dear..

wishing u best of luck in whateva u do..:)

Leenz Yusoff said...

thanks kimmy... kalau ada berita baik share2 la ye... ;)

Lynda.CG said...

good luck hun! i pray all the best fr ya especially bab baby tu. he he

Leenz Yusoff said...

thanks!!! ;)

kimmy said...

leen..usaha leen, kot2 my future baby ada kawan nanti...hehehe

Leenz Yusoff said...

waaaa.. kimmy nk ada baby baru dah ye... bestnyer.. berapa bulan dah?

mmg tengah usaha ni.... macam2 cara dh buat...huhu..


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