30 May 2011

Stress VS Chocolate

Lately, i admit that i'm feeling stressed and no mood at work but today, i am too stressed out! My head spinning like %##& because of the current workload and things was NEW for me.

I try to get others advise but it seems not helping. I have NO immediate superior when my bos left the company last April. Since that, no replacement of him and automatically i am reported to the BIG BOS - who always busy and of course - on his position - he do expect an ANSWERs and RESULTs only.

I am in my "merehatkan minda" mode at this moment, that's why i'm here- nk meluahkan rasa hati and kepala otak yg tengah sarat ni. Can't wait to go home and fetch my little baby shomel shomel - Nia Cu-a-da!
 Mommy miss u so much la dear ;)

Tengah tensi tensi ni.. kalau dpt NGAP this foodies (from google image) best gak kan! :D

 The Alien Big Apple - my fav!

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