19 November 2010

The Amazing Race Asia

Yesterday after had dinner outside - we watched THE AMAZING RACE ASIA - where the Malaysian team - ETHAN & KHARI has been eliminated. We both are so frustrated to see them no longer in the race. Their mistake after chose the wrong task - finding a name at Chinese cemetry. I guess they have no idea what they were looking at. They were the first leading team but then became the last one during the task.

What i like about them - i never saw them argued on each other in the race. Even, the way Ethan apologized to Richard's team and  I'm so proud that during the boat drama, Ethan was willing to give their boat ride to them. How polite kan.. we're Malaysian!  Khairi - even he looks "small" - tapi kuat semangat... makan ulat selamba je......  They're so funny and fun to watch. Really hope that Allan would say "this is not an elimination round" - tapi takde lak.. huhu

But it's all about Race. So now my support will goes to Michelle & Claire - just because they had a good realationship with Ethan & Kharie ;)


cikpuding said...

arrghhhh....sgt frust...naper mereka itu yg harus tkuar........uwaaaaaaa....

Leenz Yusoff said...

aku yg nengok ni lagi frust.. lagi2 bila allan tk ckp pun those magic word tu kat dorang.. suma cakap "sorry..."..huhu

faRhaNa said...

tuh la..sedih kan...dah xde team malaysia..frust sajor..


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