09 October 2010

Baju Oh Baju

There was a time, when my belly getting bigger - which mean i can't wear any longer of my regular outfits especially baju2 kerja - it makes me stressed! Boleh..? Tahap sangat stress. Yelah, dah biasa baju semua ngam2 ikut size badan, pergi kerja tak pernah nk pakai baju kurung. Cud be because since i started working, i need to rush here and there - to client office - site visit - so i need to adapt to that kind of environment. Therefore, kemeja and seluar adalah pilihan yg sangat tepat. Furthermore, i only had few collection of baju kurung. Boleh kira sangat dengan jari... 

Luckily, Yatie gave me few of her maternity clothing - size kitorang pun lebih kurang sama. But still need to add new clothing especially for office wear. I went to few maternity boutique like Modernmum and maternity section at various Jusco, but sad to said most of the collection doesn't suit with me. Cud be because of my petite size. Being pregnant doesn't mean that u must wear any bigger size kan.. tapi kena la juga tengok sesuai or tak..

One day, i found out about this boutique - V-Mum from Pa & Ma magazine. I was like...cantiknye baju2 ni.. cute2, so trendy and fashionable! So i asked Mr. B to take me there. We went to one of V-Mum branch located at IOI Mall, Puchong (at 2nd floor - exactly next to JJ entrance). 

I've spent almost 1 hour utk memilih & mencuba baju2 - while the salesgirl was so helpful and nice. She even so friendly and asked me to try few other collection (haruslah kan... more money maaa..). The price quite reasonable if you bought more than 1 pair since they offer a discount of 30% - 50%. Kalau sehelai je, faham2 la ye.. but i'm kinda satisfied with the quality and service. So that day, i bought 2 blouse, 1 dress and 1 white cream cardigan. Rasanya cukup la utk kali ini. Forgot to mentioned, i managed to bought few pairs of maternity pants that can fix my size at Jusco Midvalley - went earlier to JJ Wangsa Maju & JJ AU2 - failed to get any since the S size cutting was bigger.

Here are some photos of me at fitting room - will upload later - pics of me with my new "uniform"... ;)

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faRhaNa said...

ayoo...time fitting pun amek gambo jugak!!!huhuhuhu


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