07 October 2010

5 months

This would be my 1st entry on my pregnancy. It’s not that I’m avoiding myself on telling the stories earlier – but it’s more to my excitement on enjoying the physical changes of myself as I am now 5months and 1 week pregnant. Furthermore, I was in “pre-caution” or “tak nak  berharap sangat” stage during the 3rd months due to wat had happened before. So i decided to keep in low profile while waiting the right time to announce to all. 
And now, I am so thankful and Syukur kehadrat Allah – that baby is doing very very well - inside of me.. for latest update, baby is now moving and I guess baby already started kicking my belly – that was after I saw my lil’one during ultrasound test last Saturday. It’s an amazing experience for me and Mr. B, especially when we both saw ourself how my belly get “menggelembung” here and there. Can’t tell exactly how excited we are. And – the other surprise – doc said most probably it’s a baby girl…! Hehe.. We both are okay – either it’s a boy or a gurl – as long as – we both would have this chance to have our own heir after long waiting… Yang pasti, doa tak pernah putus terhadapNya semoga zuriat ini selamat dilahirkan dan menjadi seorang anak yg soleh, solehah dan sempurna… AMin….
Early of my pregnancy, I met 2 doctors which are Dr. Rassi (her clinic is nearby to my housing area) and Dr. Marsitah (my gynea). They both gave me Obimin & DHA to be taken. Unfortunately – both pills still in my keeping as my major problem/weaknesses is – takut makan/telan ubat! I am sooooooo failed to swallow big size of pills especially yg berkapsul. Kalau tablet tu at least I cud ask Mr. B to ketuk2 and patah2kan benda tu.. I did once, cut the edge of the capsul and telan those cairan inside terus masuk muluthasillnyaa…. Bueekkkkk!!! Cannot la! So how?? 

So, on next visit, I asked Dr. to gave me loose supplement, so these are what I’m taking now… asid folic + kalsium + iron (zat besi) – and thank God all are kecik2 and comel2 belaka…. Hehe.. I plan to add vitamin C and still looking what are the best for me at now.

I did mentioned earlier that during my early stage of pregnancy, I had no nausea at all. Everything was okay except some pening2 sikit… orang kata pening2 nk manja2 ngan suami… inilah masanya kan.. during Ramadhan where baby was in 4months, i did not gained weight – maintained for 46kg before and after puasa – during my check-up – Dr Rassi informed that baby was okay – only I need to gained a little weight. And now, I did gained 3kg which makes me now almost 50kg. I’m a bit fussy about my weight as I’m afraid my body will get “kembang” after giving birthlepas tengok both of my sisters la.. – but I did not control my appetite. Sekarang ni, apa rasa nk makan – makan je…. Cuma kena jaga2 juga la kan.. and I add more fruits on my meal. Every day I will have at least one big orange and white dragonfruit. I'll cut them into small cubes, left in refrigerator and next morning ready to be taken to office…  nyum nyummmm!

And for my reading and reference, I bought this 2 books which contents lots of info. Later, will add more and not to forget, akan menerjah few blogs of mommies2 yang ada (antaranya mestilah Puan Kimmy kita…) *wink*

I guess that's for now, will keep on writing about my pregnancy journey later. Salam and c ya ;)

 comel tak..?? :D
Psstt: still in raya mode - got few open house and wedding invitation to go this weekend. How about u guys?? ;)  


uSHi GuRL said...

betul ke peyut u tu??? ke saja buncitkan?? hahaha... latest kebuncitan ade x?

Leenz Yusoff said...

heyy.. peyut i la.. tak cam u.. peyut nipis.. leh c-tru je :p


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