17 October 2010

Home Sweet Home

Last Monday, I've received a call from developer - informing that our house key are now ready for collection. Yeahhh, finally rumah dah siap.. dah boleh masuk... But then bukan boleh collect sesaja, we need to pay some amount of money and do you know how much??? Almost 4k!!! I was like... whatttt????? 4k??? It's part of my budget for kitchen cabinet! 

After met up with Building Management, RM900++ is for management fees (eg: maintenance, access card, meter deposit, etc...) while balance of RM2.8k++ is for "Late Payment Charges". Again, WHATTTTT??????!!!! 

As i remembered, i really2 do confirmed that I've never made any late payment of my monthly installment to then bank, I've never delay any kind of process during early stages like signing the S&P, pay the house deposit or even signing all documentation at lawyer's office. So where this RM2.8k++ came from????

And I found this info from Carigold Forum 

"Jaga-jaga dengan 'late payment interest'. Yang ini ramai orang terkena masa nak ambil kunci rumah. Tak kira kesilapan siapa samada pemaju sendiri, pihak bank atau pembeli, jika berlaku kelewatan on progressive payment pemaju tetap akan caj atas pembeli 10% dari jumlah bayaran yang lewat. Dalam S&P ada kata "Without prejudice to the Vendor's right under clause bla...bla..." 
Dalam hal ni pembeli tak ada hak nak bersuara langsung walaupun kesilapan yang menyebabkan kelewatan pembayaran dilakukan pihak pemaju atau pihak bank."  

Even after been explained by building management, they'd advised me to talk to lawyer and - asked them for "chronology report" of all process and transaction - from there, i will know either the problem came form lawyer itself (late advise to the bank for payment release to developer) or from the bank.

At the same time, i did rang developer to re-confirm the final amount I should pay and guess what, I've got a waive for RM1.5k *wink* due to Introducer of Buyer Great Buyer (BGB) - kerana saya telah merekomenkan Ida utk membeli sebuah unit.. so later she will be my new neighbour. ;)

Sekarang kami agak busy memikirkan tentang hiasan dalaman yg akan kami beri utk rumah baru ini (walaupun tidak la sebesar mana..) and we may focus on the theme and painting, grill, kitchen cabinet, and lighting first since we have a limited budget - and plan to move in by this December. Need to save some RM for our new arrival jugak kan - InsyaAllah on February next year *wink*.


cikpuding said...

besh3x....udah dpt kuncinya yerrrrr....

Leenz Yusoff said...

yeahh.... ongkos ongkos ongkos... adehhh..

cikpuding said...

ahahahaaa..sbb tuuu lerrrr daku pon x pindah2 lgk nieeee......:P

Anonymous said...

dulu pun i pun tkena pasal late payment charges nie.. tp xbyk la.. about 400 camtu... ada yg smp 8k tau.. huuhuh.. sib baik dpt waive tu.. kalau x, mana nak cekau duitkan...

Leenz Yusoff said...

400 tak pe lagi.. ni sampai 3k.. tensen je.. developer suh call lawyer.. gaduh2 and bising2 sikit ngan dorang.. takut nanti dorang buat lambat lagi.. malas la pulak... huhu


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