04 May 2010

Cherating's Trip

As planned earlier, we drove to Cherating on Sunday morning and reached there at 2pm after getting lost in Kuantan town. We seek an assistance from our GPS but seems it's not helping at all. Salah siapa la ye..? huhu..

We stayed at Legend Hotel Cherating - the hotel was chosen based on the camparison of hotels in the Cherating area via Cuti.
I was fully satisfied with the place. The location was good as it's located on the new Cherating Beach. The pool was big and clean and is next to the beach. The best things was, the beach is clean too! Very clean! 

Our room was on the new wing and it's quite big and clean. Although we have to wait for about 45minutes before we can check-in into our room due to peak season on the day before, but I'm not too fussed about it as me and Mr. B had our welcome photoshoot session at the beach. hehe.... Haruslah kan... *wink*

On the evening, we went to Pantai Cherating Lama which is not too far from our hotel.. there is a road leading to the beach and doted by budget accommodation and chalets. I was so hungry at that time so there were cafes/bistros/stall and restaurants. We had goreng pisang, keropok lekor and air kelapa coz we plan to have dinner at one of the restaurant - Intan Seafood.

Overall - i luv our vacation and Cherating! Plan to come back here one day, and hopefully by the time, it's not only just the two of us... Amin...

Hotel View

Room View

biggg mirror - besar punye!

Intan Seafood Restaurant

Siakap Sweet & Sour
Chilli Crab
last but not least..

thanks to En. Tripod - our official photographer of the day! *wink*!


Anonymous said...

happy 2nd anniversary linda. love all the picture. santek sgt especially white theme at the beach tu :)

Leenz Yusoff said...

thanks dear... earlier plan nk buat photosession kat dlm utan.. tapi tak jadi.. hehe

kimmy said...

happy 2nd anniversary leen and ruzell..suka tgk pic u..especially yg last tu..buat frame letak kt rumah tau..;)


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