01 May 2010

1st May 2010

Do you know what today is?

1st May 2010

today is a Labour Day 
ucapan buat semua pembaca

Selamat Hari Pekerja
Selamat Bercuti
Selamat Bergembira


 to us. *wink*

Today is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. I'm glad it is Saturday - so all of you can enjoy the day - relaxing while celebrating with families, frenz or your love one. So do i - while i'm writing this - i was accompanying Mr. B as he is so busy with his thing... Serious, he is very very busy...

Usually during this hour, he will bz with his lappy. Sumtimes i have to make a sour face - then only he will kept himself away from his lappy.... a while. Grrr...

But now - his lappy still in his bag. Yeahh... it's kinda funny looking at him now - so focus on his *thing*. Kelakar... hehe. Sekejap dia duduk - sekejap dia baring - sekejap dia membaca - sambil merenung-renung, kemudian dia menggodek-godek lagi... hehehhe..  I took Mr. D80, and snapped some photos of him.. rasa rugi je kalau tak capture this moment... 

Yeahhh.... i bought him Optimus Prime for anniversary gift. Tak sangka kan?? Me too! And so glad he like it. Sekarang dah almost 2 hours dia menggodek Optimus Prime - and masih lagi gigih utk menukar OP menjadi truck. Seronok tengok budak besar dpt hadiah - and i still remember his face when i gave OP to him.... Bayangkan.... muka orang tua yg senyum kegirangan umpama budak mendapat mainan. hehehe... cute kan?

                                  dh start pening                            baca manual - (in Japanese Language)

                                                     masih gigih berusaha

My gift??? ada.. tapi let it be my secret je la... hehehe *wink**wink*

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