14 February 2010

Am I???

It's been a long pulse since my last entry in this blog - it's not that i dun have things to shared - instead so much things happen which made me not in mud to write about it - or 
"lebih kepada malas nk mengarang" :D

but; i wud like to jot down few things as a summaries - konon2 nya imbasan la ni.. *wink"

1) Yatie's little angel - congrats to my best friend Yatie and Feeq for their newborn on 7th Jan 2010 - baby Najla Ayeesha. Here a some photos of her and me - her mommy tanak amek gambar sekali sebab katanya comot... :p


najla : hi auntie leenz.... 


2) the end of our friendship - it's not me who ended-up the relationship tapi bila difikir-fikir balik, dengan rela hatinya me sangat setuju when she removed me as her friendlist in FB - lebih baik hilang dia seorang rather than my others friends - mmg dah tahap malas dh nk layan karenah dia... kat kawan sana dia cakap macam ni - kawan sini pula dia cakap macam ni - bila kawan sana and kawan sini kongsi cerita - pecah la tembelang dia - and yg paling lawaknya - dia boleh kata kawan sana and kawan sini back-stabbing her - rasanya dia patut sedar and malu apa yg dia dah buat.. tapi entahla.. mentaliti dia ni sejak "dah makin senang" mmg sangat susah utk ditafsirkan... so we decided - utk merelakan keputusannya utk "menghilangkan diri" dan meremoved kami2 dari FB nyer.. bak kata orang biarkan luncai dan labu2nya... - kan?

3) contract renewal - it's about one of my wishlish for the year, however things does not happen the way i want. Early Feb - kecoh satu office when management started MSS some of the employees - and for those contract staff - ramai pula yg tak renew (termasuk Zura). For myself, i did get the extension but only up to 5months. Currently - we (my new team) were requested to complete a BIG task within this month which against our earlier target to complete on June. So - can u guys imagine how stressed am i facing current situation - hari2 balik lambat... hari2 kena push.. but i do realize that i have no option (melainkan cari kerja lain) - only that at this moment - i am trying my best to complete the most i could.

me & Zura

4) AM I???  anddddddddd... last but not least - this is my latest update to be shared:

still one of my wishlist for the year.. only that i'm still in unsured atau dlm erti kata lain "sangat berharap tapi taknak berharap sangat sebab takut kecewa lagi dan lagi.."
I took the hcg test yesterday morning when I was 1 week delay. and here are the result... 

home test on 12/2/10


home test on 13/2/10

i think i saw the "T" line - but it is a very very faint line. Is that mean - I'm pregnant?? am I?? part of me feel that - yes i am! and i'm sooooo happy - but part of me said - "sabar dulu.... still early to determine the result... just give few more weekss... jgn berharap sangat tapi teruskan berdoa..." so this is what i'm doing now... mengharapkan keajaiban menjadi kenyataan.... InsyaAllah.... Amin...........

congrats to Mr. B as well - finally u got what u have been waiting for quite some times - so boleh la me share sikit2 ye.... *muaahhhsss*


Landak said...

heheh..about the same as my wife first last time..don't worry give more time insyaAllah...

If YES; we will have a child in the same year of tiger..hahahah..


Leenz Yusoff said...

oh yeah.... kalau betul mmg rezeki kita on 2010 la..

and me still berharap..

thanks.. ;)

Irtiyah said...


pernah dengar.. tanda kabur pun mungkin mengandung. amin. Moga2 la...


kimmy said...

leez - apekah my little one gonna have a partner in this year???

congrats dear....syabas betty syabas..

Leenz Yusoff said...

irtiyah : i heard about it too.. insyaAllah..... ;)

kimmy : yeah kim - harap sangat2.... tapi tengok camna confirmation result eyh... ;)

kimmy said...

if positive,,update ya..nanti kita share2 info..

faRhaNa said...

tomeinyer anak kak yatie..;-)

kalong, suke bc yg last itu!!ana doakan yg terbaek okeh!!

Leenz Yusoff said...

yeahhh ucuk... kita doa sama2 utk kita okeh ;)

Lynda.CG said...

about so-called-fren delete in fb-list. i had one xperience too. well, im glad she did tht. like i care. kan? we still can live wif laughter w'out her. we r LYNDA bebeh. strong gal!


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