14 January 2010

Thumbs Up to MyEG Services!

It's my first time using their services (my roadtax will be expired on 16 Jan 2010 - 2more days) so this morning around 9.30am, i called them up and after clarify all necessary details with them - i've received my road tax on the same day at 3pm!

great haaaaa!!  *wink*


kimmy said...

wahh leen dah guna myeg ekk....pastu kan,mcm mana dekat geran..diorg nanti update mcm mana ek?

Leenz Yusoff said...

nanti copy of geran dorang akan courier ke rumah.... kalau tk silap la.. sebab ni mmg 1st guna.

dulu guna agent - call dia and dia akan hantar ke ofis together dgn copy of geran & polisi.

papehal kita update nanti.. ;)

Leenz Yusoff said...

tadi myEG inform after 1 week dorang akan email CoVER NOTE.


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