11 January 2010

Eppy Besday Abah "69"

Yesterday we did a simple makan2 to celebrate abah's besday and i made PULUT KUNING & RENDANG DAGING for him.

Well, it was my 1st time ever cooked both dishes (selalu tolong mak kacau2 je..) and i took the recipes from here - it's always my fav reference for any of 1st time me wanna cook dishes coz it has report/comment/feedback from others who already tried the recepies. So level confident of kesedapan makanan tu agak memberangsangkan to be followed. hehe

as usual, i will asked abah to comment -

Me : sedap tak bah?
Abah : sedap .... (continue chewing)....cuma kurang kerisik.. minyak tak pecah..

hehehe... haruslah ada negative jugak kalau Tukang Masak yg komen.. *wink*




Lynda.CG said...

2-pandainya buat pulut & rendaaaaaang!! terer lah :D

Leenz Yusoff said...

2-mmg first time!



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