03 January 2010

The Closure of 2009 Photoshoot

The title refer to an outdoor  "suka-suka" photoshoot session with Mekda. We both pakat to cuti on the last day of 2009 just for fun. (me applied my annual leave while mekda lak - she was on MC! u're so bad! haha!)

The earlier planned was - we wanna captured our photos together (yelah... BFF kan) but end up with i'm the official photographer and she was the model of that day. 
And here are some photos to be shared.

Date :  31st December 2009
Time : 3pm
Venue: Taman Metropolitan Kajang
Model : Ida 











so, what do u think guys...??


i would like to invite any friends if u wanna capture urself for suka2 session 
with me.. do let me know eyh.... ;)


Anonymous said...

Of course i like it soooo much! U make me look sooo beautiful.. eh not u.. ur hubby's camera. Our next project?? Lalala.... make sure nanti we both ambik gambar ek?

Leenz Yusoff said...

hello... dah ada blog tu sign-up la guna ur name :p

uSHi GuRL said...

xreti... hahaha.. test..test...

Anonymous said...

nak! nak! saya mmg suke amik2 gambr nih. he he

Leenz Yusoff said...

haaa... jom set tempat... ;)

Anonymous said...

nak! =D


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