03 January 2010


Finally, after hunting many many times to get the AVATAR 3D's tickets  - we managed to get and watched the movie at Signature, The Gardens on 01/01/2010. It is our first movie of the year!! 

 The AVATAR poster

Our perfect seat
(booked online on a very early morning :D)

What i can say about the movie - it was so so superb!! Although for the first one hour - i felt inconvenience due to the 3D glasses hit on top of my nose - which makes me can't breath well. (kacamata tu lurus... me lak jenis yg tak brapa nk ada batang idung.. so mmg terasa la beratnya... hehe - so kena support and pegang all the time..)

Mmg puas hati - i love each characters very well especially Neytiri. I started to like Ikran and Viperwolfs (the "black dogs") while they helping the Avatars fought for their rite. The movie really shows us how sometimes a perfect humankid of this world - would become so cruel and unrelentingly severe to the other living .

For example:
Source : Harian Metro

JITRA: Dua lembu termasuk seekor bunting ditemui diikat dalam sebuah kereta Proton Iswara yang ditinggalkan di tepi jalan di hadapan Sekolah Kebangsaan Tamil Paya Kemungting, di sini 7.15 pagi ini.
Dua suspek melarikan diri selepas tayar kereta itu pancit dan meninggalkan lembu itu yang sudah disuntik ubat pelali.

kejam kan...???

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