28 December 2009

I want Chilli Crab!

It's been a week i've been looking for Chilli crab. But still tak jumpa2.... During our holiday at Melaka, i was hoping and so so sure that there must be a chilli crab there. mesti la kan... ikut logic la - pantai - laut - seafud - crab!

Unfortunately... (again...) what i was hoping wasn't there... no crab... yang lain semua ada - siakap - kerapu - udang - sotong - but not CRAB! the last place we went, exactly at the corner of Pantai Puteri - i saw one big family sedang kusyuk meratah - mematah-matah - menggigit-gigit - cik KETAM!!! and i'm so excitedddddd! cepat2 me tarik Mr. B to get a place and call the waitress:

waitress : ye kak.. nk order apa?
me : nk ketam! nk ketam masak cili...
waitress : ketam dah habis kak... baru je...
me : ?????????? *sob sob*

while eating the siakap bakar, i said this to Mr. B - once we reach home nanti - let's go and buy Ketam - i will cook myself! so here was our Menu on Sunday - all KETAM! mmg puas hati *wink*


 Revenge of The Chilli Crab

Ketam ku Goreng!

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