29 December 2009

1st trial of Beef Lasagna

me luv LASAGNA so much - especially the home made lasagna by my best frenz - Yatie. 
after having her lasagna for the first time - since then i started to like this kind of Italian fuds... including pasta - spaghetti and so on.

and tonite, it is my first time having my own lasagna - i took the recipe form here, and made some changes - edit2 and modified sikit2 since the ingredients i have now - wasn't enuf.

the result - not bad jugak la (first time kan) cuma it's a bit salty - butter tak ada so i use margerine for the white sauce. later, i will get complete ingredients and try to upgrade my lasagna... then baru leh promote and bagi kawan2 rasa.... kan..hehe...

The Ingredients

Tumis bawang putih & merah

Masuk chilli paste

Masuk daging (i used daging burger ayam A1 - but tak brapa sesuai)

Add others in : Tomato puree, dice tomatoes, carrot & daun sup and bawang

Beef paste

The white sauce - mozarella cheese + butter + fresh milk

Olive oil

Lasagna ready to bake

In the oven (180degree for 40minutes)




cikpuding said...

so nyummy.....

Leenz said...

boleh la.... nanti aku upgrade lagi.. :)

mohsin said...

not so bad.. hehehhee.. nanti aku balik leh buat lagi ek.. aku datang rumah makan.. hehehe..

Leenz said...

bolehhhh aje.. kena bagi notice 1 day earlier :D

faRhaNa said...

kalong nak!!!!bile nk bt tuk ana nih..;-)

Leenz Yusoff said...

kena set date.... baru leh buat.... hehe!

Anonymous said...

weeeeeeeee sedaaaaaaaaaapny!!!!! nak skit ;)


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