27 December 2009

Hanimun @ Melaka

As planned earlier - we both went to Melaka for holiday.. maklumla, cuti panjangkan..
the best part was - dah tau it's peak season, we didn't book any hotel. sebab takut tak jadi. We drove to Melaka after Friday prayer - hoping that no jammed & still got room at Everly Resort.

Unfortunately, after checking all the hotel - resorts - chalet... all were fully booked! uuwwaa!!! padan muka...
around 4:30pm - we both gave up and plan to drive back home... suddenly...

kring kring.... Mr. Reception at Klebang Beach Resort rang us and informed there was a room available after 1 couple cancel their stay. So - finally we got room - walaupun hanya di Klebang Beach Resort..

boleh la kan......

Here are some photos of us there (dah pergi berdua je - so mmg snap gambar masing2 la.... hehe)





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Anonymous said...

posing maut!!! gilalah :)


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