25 December 2009

Happy Holiday

It's a holiday time - wishing to all of you happy holiday and enjoy the weekend.
I might be going to somewhere tomorrow and wish the plan will still on (depends on our mood) - sometime we both feel lazy to going out and will staying at home for the whole day.

Anywhere - there are a week to go for 2010, and starting of next year, i will be transferred to a new department.
Honestly, i'm a bit stressed for the past few weeks after knowing the news - but now, i've learned to accept things in positive way. Who knows it would be a gud starting of the year rite... and no harm trying kan.. futhermore - i wrote this on my resume - able to adapt to any kind of situation!!  tu belum masuk lagi part "love challenge la.. bla bla bla laaa...." haha!!

so - wish me all the best in my career at new department ya!



cikpuding said...

all da best keh...insyallah...rezki Allah itu Maha Luas...

faRhaNa said...

ya betul!!all de best kalong..muah!!!

p/s : gaji nek x?bile nk banje ana cute nih??

cikpuding said...

jgn lupa blanja aku skali...:P

Leenz said...

gaji mana de naik.. tu pun kira baik kontrak sambung tau..

weh.. jom lepak Bangi Kopitiam kat wangsa link (blakang opis erol)..

Monday leh roger ;)


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