16 November 2009

Help Them

While searching and surfing Pakcik Google  - i found this

Adopt dogs and cats at PetFinder

Leopard, Bumble B, Bumble White & Shadow

For Adoption

Dear all my cats..mummy let you all go not because mummy dont love u,
it is because mummy love u so much and want only the best for u.The
truth is mummy cried all night regreting the ide...a of letting u all
go.Bumble b, nemo, keiko be a good children ok, dont fight, dont run
away..There will be no milk time, no fish time but mummy sure that the
new mummy n dad will take a good care of u.Please forgive mummy to let u go.

SarahMelanie (http://www.petfinder.my/pets/5315/)


i wish i cud have one... but i know that i'm not ready for it... and afraid they will being neglected by me.

luv reading this blog as well - http://bubushelter.blogspot.com/
and so so in respect with Her and Her friends - not many people can do like what they have done, 
including me.

One of her entry on what happened to those animal that being sent to SCPA,  -  really really touched my heart and feeling - and that nite - i cried on my sleep.... 
i'm so sorry CUMI, CIKI, CIKO - i have to sent u there... and i'm not sure whether u guys are now at ur new home - or being sleep forever....... 
i'm so sorry and miss u...... i really do

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