15 November 2009

EHOZA Exchange Gift

This event was organized by Oweizmez EHOZA whereby the concept is to Exchange Gift among us.(EHOZA Exchange Gift)

After being voted -  this is how it's look like

Sharksuke ----> Leenz ---> Miss sya

meaning that: i will received gift from Sharsuke and at the same time i have to give sumthing away to Miss Sya.
as one of the condition: the gift must at least in between RM25 - RM30. It's quite fun and exciting when i received this from Shark on last Friday.


I did not expect anything from him as i would love to enjoy the game/event but at the same time - we can asked in person things that u wish to receive. For example, while i'm struggling thingking on what to give to Miss Sya, she then pm me by giving some idea on what she likes - and off course - she's helping me with that!

So, this what i bought for her and i'm so glad that she really2 like it!!


And the cost still in range ;)

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