16 November 2009

Lil' Nurralisa Maisarah

Yesterday while relaxing at home - i received SMSed from Kak Ngah 

"Lisa masuk wad hospital sg buloh tengah hari tadi. Kena demam panas tarik sawan"

Nurralisa Maisarah is my niece from my second brother (Angah) and she was the youngest in our family (Hj Yusoff's family).

I've been told by Kak Ngah, Doctor did asked wether Angah or Kak Ngah was ever been attacked by sawan during their childhood time but both of them said No. When we refer this to Abah, he said Angah had sawan 4 times - so now we knew where did Lisa inherite this. 
And luckily, Lisa was taken to hospital and being treated by doctor the soonest and her temperature of 38degree are now reduced.




she will cry everytime she saw her leg.. (nangis sedih...)

While writing this entry - she already discharged fm hospital. Alhamdulillah......

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