10 November 2008

*3 wonderful things*

There were so many things I wanna write and share.. but it's alwez end-up with i dun't have much time for this.. and when i had the chance, to write and recall all the memories back mmg tak larat and MALAS...! but i'll try gak la...

so, where shud i start? which part shud i write? shud i write about my unplanned trip to up-north for 3-days last 2- weekend? actually ni semua gara2 B, tak pasal2 i took emergency leave on monday & tueday: reason that: i had and emergency at my hometown bukit merah!! haha! mati la if my boss find out that it's been so many2 years that i've never been to my hometown. last bila eyh? 4-5 years ago kot. ye ke? tak ingat dah :D. but actually i went to companied B doing his works. within a day, we've been travelling in 3 states: the whole perlis, part of kedah and also penang mainland. and the best part was: we've been to padang besar, bukit kayu hitam and ended the day by taking the last trip of ferry to langkawi.... penatnyer but it's still fun when we do things together with the luv one! :D sapa setuju sila angkat tangan ye ;)

Things you must do at Langkawi 
1) take photo at Dataran Helang

2) makan Laksa Utara

3) borong chocolates (i likeeee)

also, during my travelling, *adik smsed me telling that *wawie was in "operation theater" due to compilation of giving birth. oh god! doctor informed that one of the baby was gone (mati dlm kandungan) and now they're trying their best to save the other baby :(
and finally, syukur as wawie akhirnya selamat menjalani pembedahan melahirkan anak dan pemandulan... jeng jeng jeng - and now, she's having 2 cute little babies... :D

wawie and her babies

and when i reached home: adik shows me the hospital bills : RM350. so apalagi, adik said "half-half aaaa.. "
and till today, we've yet to give them a name. so far i did calling them "cupin & cipin" boley gitu??? haha :D
ni idea B la.. (and it's remind me to cumi, ciki and ciko). well, for those who knows and close to me, they really2 know how wawie (actually her real name is : MAWIE! gagagaga!) being treated by us! :D

next, while i was also in my travelling, our best frenz *alina & wan* called us and asked,
"guys.. korang free tak 15hb nov??"
and without asking y, we both dengan rasa gembira yg teramat sangat terus jawab:
"korang nak kawen ke????"
mmg rasa keje giler - dlm 2 minggu je lagi nk tawen. ingat main kawin pondok2 ke? but well, we knows that both *alina & wan" already made their preparation since beginning, semua dah siap sedia except for some arrangement like booking tok kadi, tempah kad kawen and... tu je lah kot... and off course, me and B will be their bridesmaid... in return.. hepi sangat utk korang..:-*

not to forgotten, congrats tu my best frenz eva! *yatie as her beloved hubby *feeq got his work transferred to here @ Kl @ puchong! i can feel how hepi she was while telling me this news. so no longer missing2 la eyh, sebab dah sentiasa depan mata..... ;)

hurmm.. i think that's all for the moment. 3 wonderful things happened to me and and to people around me as well. Syukur kepada Tuhan sebab kalau dia nk bagi happiness tu, tak perlu tunggu lama2 and sometimes dapat serentak - same goes if otherwise..yang pasti, walau apa pun, kita patut redha dan bersyukur... Amin..

see u guys later... ;)

***pstttt: if you went to up-north, don't forget to drop by at Seberang Jaya to have the real penang char kue tiaw at Keys (nearby to Sunway shopping mall). i had the special one - yummy! :D


ruzell said...

Yang penting dpt test drive honda City. Best best best...Pasni plan nak gi sabah lak...kan my luvly dear...?

Yatie said...

aku lupa nak pesan beli piuk belanga sekali kat sana.. murah woooo.. pastuh suh ko hangkut cam ko hangkut kad kawen aku hahahaha.. bleh??


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