17 November 2008

The United SaTuRdAy!!

Saturday 15/11/08 - *My bestfrenz Wedding*

Congrats to the luvly couple *Ina & Wan as finally their luv reunite; and how wonderful it was when after been thru soooo many things - the dream at last came true. I believed - all of us would ever experienced the same. :)

8am in the morning, we started our journey from Gombak heading to Masjid Kuala Selangor, where the solemnization ceremony was held. We reached there just right on the time.
In white pearl color of baju melayu, Wan did it in one lafaz... and both of them are now husband and wife. Alhamdulillah..
The only things that i just can't control, sharing the touch and the feeling - when the brides and the mothers hugging to each other with the tears. And same thing happen during majlis sanding and tepung tawar, me and hubby was their pengapit - by right i shud take care of the pengantin, but when they started to salam2 and peluk2 with the relatives, guess and both mothers (especially), me lak yg lelebey sebak and nk nangis, while both pengantin elok je... nk wat cemana :D

the happies couples ;)

And while I’m writing this - both of them are now tengah honeymun at Langkawi.
korang... jgn lupa beli me coklat ok....?? :D

Around 6pm, we left Tanjung Karang and continue our journey to Bandar Baru Bangi for....

Saturday 15/11/08 - *SEMERBAK Get2Gether*

SEMERBAK stand for Sekolah Menengah Seri Gombak. The event held at rumah Shida aka our x-penolong ketua tingkatan (yg begitu cekap dan mabeles! hehe) and been attended almost from kelas 5G (Gemilang ok...) and Aqish from kelas 5C (doesn't matter - as long as x-Semerbak). it was a pot luck event - but as I don't have time to cook so I just tapau donuts which I bought at Dunkin Donuts, Tol Sungai Besi.

Based on the map that shidot emailed us earlier, we reached there around 8.45pm. Semua dah ada: tuan rumah (of course la shidot); yatie, erlena, ana, nadia, lisa, siti azlinda and kayroll. While azah, ain and aniza still on their way. The foods – so yummy yummy! Those are all cheesy2 + chicken + kambing bbq.. sedap kan? :D

Suasana malam tu..? I just can't tell exactly how happening it was! and BINGIT! ye la, some of us wud never meet up since 1994 (our last year at SEMERBAK). and mestila.. so many things to talk about – especially on what we’re doing now and shared how great life was over the 14years. And that nite – we keep on talking, talking and laughing, just like our old school time ;)

The x-Semerbak
standing from left: Aien, Aqish, Ana, Azlinda, Lisa and Shidot
in front from left: Elin, Azah, Yatie, Me, Nadia and Aniza
errkk where's keroll?

sessi tengok gambar kawen - mmg kecoh giler.
hot topic: perbezaan di antara 2 zaman: wedding make-up & photo album

Anyway, it is the beginning of Semerbak's reunion. We hope we could find and gather the other members as many as we could.

So guys, let's keep on searching!

special Thanks to Facebook! ;)

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AQisH said...

yesss..thanks a lot to facebook..;-)

i will make the entry abt our reunion later eh..now body bz :-p


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