30 October 2008

the tiptop laptop ;)

It's about my new laptop - actually not really mine, but it's a company properties, given by the company after i had lost the first one :'( on last september. i still remember the date, 8 Sept 08 which was a week after we started fasting. let me tell you the story..

The day before, i was planned to go to C4 after office hour just to get an aromatherapy oil which i can bought at only RM5/bottle. everthing in the shop are RM5. so cheap rite!? just wonder since when i started liking to have a bakar2 wangian things in my bedroom.. maybe just to get the mud back after a longggg day at offce. ("maybe" :D )

So, we went there as planned and put both laptops in the bonet awal2. (in english also they called bonet ke? :D). less than half and hour, we get back to our car which we parked exactly in front of the C4 Exit Entrance, pressed the car alarm, get into it and jalan - just like usual.... when we reached home, we opened the bonet to take our laptops andddddd... nothing was inside! oh no!!!??? malas nk cerita pjg2, but the fact was - it's gone! ilek! tarak! dah kena curik by penyamun %$*%$#. and you know how it felt when things that u used everyday - every time - for works - even for personal, and the things tetiba gone!!?? argghhhhhhh...!! :"( :"(
just can't believed its happened to me. keep asking myself, why me?? and mula la start with too many "kalau";

"kalau la aku bawak je laptop tu.."
"kalau la tak g C4.."
"kalau la tk mengada-ngada nk beli minyak tu.."

I was so upset.. not only the laptop gone, but there were few important documents which i kept inside the bag and also my digicam; and yg tak bestnya, that nite we have to go to 2 police station for report and open the case.. added by being lectured by the officers! uuwaaa! dah le tengah sedey... :(

So for temporary replacement, i'm using a desktop - while waiting the new puchase/stock after hari raya break. and you know what? during that period, i alwez been a subject among the managers and couleages: as it is kinda "funny" things using the desktop. they alwez make fun of it.. they called it as flat screen la, this one confirm takkan hilang la, especially bila time balik - when everyone started packing their laptop, for sure they will asked y i'm not doing so... tak ke ampet tu??

the flat screen :p

And now after waiting for 50 days... i had the new stock of hp6530 - baru keluar kotak lagi.. :D hehe. but of course, it's still not mine! So, i had promised to myself this time. no matter what, if i were about to go anywhere after the office hour, i won't left this in the car anymore.. like one of the dialogue in cerita "Seniman Bujang Lapok"

"kau pikullah!!"

the new laptop :D

So frenz, pls take this as a message ya!

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f A r H a N a said...

igt erk darling....pikul larr...he he he


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