21 November 2008


For those people who thinks like me, would have same opinion: Camera is a gadget to capture things around us. It’s not a must have but is something like a want to have. Meaning it is not a compulsory anyway, but to have it could make our life – FUN!
And for me, as long as the camera can works well – capture the images, record a videos and convenient to use – then I do want to have one. And most important is, easy to carry anywhere and anytime! So, that’s it.

my digicam Samsung L100 (RM599)

What about DSLR? My thoughts are : It’s big, expensive (at least above than 1k) and not convenient to carry (not at all!). And for sure, most DSLR’s owner doesn’t bring this to ALL function – not anywhere and not anytime! Right??? If some of you did this, pls do tell me ya! :p

And why I’m telling this? Because I just trying to make myself understand why some people do really really wanna have the DSLR - unless he is a professional photographer or a person who use this gadget to earn money for their living. And today, while I was doing my works at office, B buzzed me:

Mr. B : mamy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me : yes dear??
Mr. B : dady dah beli kamera :D
me : haaa???

Finally, after talking and arguing about to have DSLR for few weeks – B already had one. The DSLR Nikon D60.

 Nikon D60 (RM1999.00)
At the end of the day, I have to admit that we people would have different interest and different way of thinking. In our situation; I would have my own interest too which is… hurmmm….. okayla, I luv to play archade games – it’s a trial version which I download from internet (i.e: Playfirst.com or Reflexive.com) as I still have no idea where to get the full version - for free! :D
Some examples are : Dinner Dash, Alice Greenfingers, Wedding Dash, Build a Lot and etc. etc. etc.

And here, I would like to make a confession or declaration of guilt: when I started playing the game (trial version can last for 1 hour) - no one can ever disturb me! including B :D

So Dear, as you finally had things that you really crazy about – do enjoy it and don’t forget to snap my pics! Banyak-banyak-banyak tau..! :p


Anonymous said...

Jawapan dier senang jer utk isu spt ni..cuba tgk pic2 kat posting happy couple n semerbak tu..teruk tak pic dier? so then..korang akan faham knp DSLR better than compact camera. Mahal sbb apa? sbb quality n fungsi yg bagus. Tp tak salah utk hobby kan? Baik tangkap gambar dr tangkap sorang lagi bini..Hahahaha..Padan muka...hehehehe

Leenz said...

er..pic2 yg ada gambo muka mmg sengaja dikecik and diblurkan :p

Tj said...

aku pun slalu terpk nak beli camera yg mana. eventho m not a professional photographer but m a camera freak...so quality of the pic is very important.

Rexz2paC said...

P&S & DSLR are from different league, different market & definitely, different needs.

Leenz said...

i'll get u the update.. but later :D


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