24 November 2008

Sanggul Sedap!

It’s a gloomy Monday morning. I believed most of you feel the same – so ngantuk – malas betul nk bangun pagi tadi, dah la hujan - boringnyer nak keje. On the spot, the brain think of to take mc. But luckily, the gud heart say, “No! U must wake up and go to work” :D

Today, *Nora (my coulege aka my lunch partner) is away for training and since I don’t have transport to go out, then I plan to tapau some foods for my breakfast and lunch. Later, I will pre-heat the foods at office pantry.

So, I bought nasi lemak with variety of lauk for my lunch and 3pcs of kueh (RM1) for my breakfast - which are: kuih kacang hijau + kuih gelang + cucur badak. Those are all my favs.

I ate the kueh one by one while my eyes busy looking at laptop screen reading the emails sambil merungut: banyaknye yang masuk.. still pagi lagi!. While I’m chewing the last bite of cucur badak, suddenly I feel sumthing weird in my mouth. The curious face said – keras je, tak macam inti or sabut kelapa pun.. then I took the things out from my mouth andddd…. this is wat I found!

sanggul sedap :p

Hurmm.. can u guys guess what it is? It is a piece of penggosok periuk (yang macam sanggul tu)! Just imagine if I had swallow the things, wat will happen to my stomach then? Mungkinkah mungkin perut saya akan luka? Atau berkarat? Atau… entah, tapi yang pasti: mmg tak patut!

So frenz, my message this time: pls screen first whatever things that u wanna eat or before you get it into your mouth – especially for those with a small kids.. bahayakan?

Take care ;)

Another message:-
One of the email I received today: Importance Of Having Breakfast - Breakfast can help prevent strokes, heart attack and sudden death. Advice on not to skip breakfast!

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AQisH said...

aiyoooo...aku bleh imagine ler menda keras tu..isshh..


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