30 October 2008

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hi, why don't u try typing ur own blog?
a question came from someone that i really not close to. but still wonder y she sent me that kind of msg. i told her (without replying her msg anyway) hey, i did..! i even had more than 1 blog, till i forgotten those i already signed-up. haha.

okay, the message are: i wanna have my own blog which i will write on it everytime i had sumthing to share - or sumthing that makes me wanna write about it. and will keep writing, writing and writing.. hope it won't end-up like my other blogs which i still can't remember the nos and address. (so baddd...)

so frenz... taraaa!! welcome to my blog!

1 comment:

f A r H a N a said...

hu hu hu....so bad....muahahahahaha....
leh larr kite story2 kat cni...


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