03 January 2011

Pregnancy - 33 Weeks

I went for my monthly check-up as usual - only this time - i stop myself going to Klinik Kesihatan - due to "malas nk tunggu lama2". So my monthly routine to Klinik Rassi was on 25th December, which mean i'm on 33weeks of pregnancy. Cepat je kan..

i had my 2nd ATT injection (utk kancing gigi) and my weight are 55kg. Maintain kan..? something that i worried about since day 1 of my pregnancy.. takut gemuk and tanak gemuk.. like my other sisters (nasib baik dorang tak baca - kalau dorang baca mesti dorang hanginnnn je.. hehe)

However, during the ultrasound - although baby shows a very good progress - as she now 2kg - my baby is breech. She suppose settling her head down. Doc advise us to talk to our baby - pujuk dia supaya pusing ke bawah - or else - if her position still breech by weeks 35, doc will refer me to hospital on next check-up. and now the chances of cesarean might higher than normal delivery. 

My 4D scan with Dr Marshita at GMC happened on last week, 1st January - and still - baby is breech. Doc Marshita asked me for another check-up during my 36weeks - and if baby condition still remain - she will request me to proceed with cesarean delivery by weeks 37 - 38 and the date was given between 23rd to 28th January 2011.

And now, i'm in a big dilemma - everyday i keep thinking about it - there are some pros and contra about it. My first option is going to Hospital Ampang - but if i really  have to go for cesarean - then GMC would be my option - sebabnya - keyakinan terhadap Dr Marsita. 

So dalam masa yg ada, sy akan cuba pujuk baby supaya dapat pusing ke bawah - sy teringin nk merasa normal delivery - tapi kalau ditakdirkan sy bersalin secara ceasarean - sy redha - asalkan yg paling penting buat masa ini - keselamatan baby.

Mudah-mudahan, sy diberi petunjuk olehNya.. Amin....


AQisH said...

pujuklah baby slow2..insyaAllah dia mendengar..ngaji selalu kat dia yer;)

selamat berjuang.. semoga selamat ibu dan anaknya...aku baru je merasa 6 bln lepas huhu..

Leenz Yusoff said...

hehe.. aku menunggu hari je nk jadi ibu gak... doakan la ye.. thanks ;)

Mrs. Eeza Herman said...

hi salam perkenalan...
baby iza pun sama gk due bln 2 nie..
boleh share info... =)

Leenz Yusoff said...

salam perkenalan.. thanks sebab sudi singgah ye.. boleh la kita tukar2 info ;)


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