10 January 2011

Kenny Rogers Promo

Sedang asyik menatap laptop di office - tup masuk satu email di inbox saya dari seorang sahabat, Alina.
Uik - Kenny Rogers buat promo? Buy 1 free 1 tapi dengan syarat kena pakai MERAH aka RED. Wahh, ini sudah bagus. Boleh la ajak officemates lunch di JJ AU nanti. Better sy makan puas2 sebelum tiba masa berpantang... betul tak? hehe... ni ha detail regarding the promo ;)

Time to don RED all over again this 12 January 2011 as the annual ROASTERS Eating Day (RED) is back!  Wear RED – the colour of life, to celebrate good health and vitality through good eating and healthy living with Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR).

The ticket to a year full of vitality starts with an active lifestyle fueled by a wholesome and healthy diet. KRR is in support of maintaining your resolution to a healthy 2011 for you and your loved one. Celebrate health and vitality by wearing something RED to any KRR restaurant and get two (2) Kenny’s Quarter Meals for the price of one.

Whether it is a RED lipstick, cap, t-shirt or trousers, celebrate health and vitality of you and your loved one or friend by wearing RED – the colour of life to KRR!

Visit the KRR restaurant nearest to you and enjoy this gift of health! Forward this message to as many friends as possible to show that you care for them!

*Terms & Conditions apply


AQisH said...

alaa aku dh terlepas la ehh :(

Leenz Yusoff said...

penuh giler wehh..


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