02 September 2010

Nak Raya Stories

Cak!!! :: Mencuri sedikit masa di office::
How's your puasa so far guys?? And how about your raya preparation? Is everything goes well? It’s about a week to go for Syawal to come.. I’m sure you guys now started on receiving all kuih raya orders…. So am i! baru tadi dapat my fav kuih raya ever – kuih batang buruk! 
Here are my checklist for raya:-
1)    Baju rayachecked! Theme : green – I bought my baju kurung via online shopping from Asylla & Noor Bawal – ordered this before puasa - while for Mr. B – we bought at Bazar Raya, Uptown Danau kota – complete with sampin.
Budget: less than RM400

2)    Kuih Rayachecked! ordered my fav type – almond London, biskut makmur, batang buruk, tat nenas & putu kacang. Plan to add cakes – bake on my own later (kalau tak malas la..)
Budget: Around RM300 

3)    Perhiasan rumah – none for this year – langsir, sofa, bekas kuih, alas meja are all in good condition - baru setahun pakai since we started move-in last year.
Budget: RM100 (kot2 last minute ubah fikiran)

4)    Kasut & handbag raya – still looking around. Tak ada pun tak apa.. :)
Budget: RMxxxxx

5)    Duit rayachecked! order kat adik je sebab dia keje bank! :)
Budget: RM600

 kiki dan duit raya

6)    Car maintenance/serviceschecked! bateri baru, tukar sana tukar sini, service sana services sini…
Budget: RM650 dah terbangggggggg…
Nothing much for me except – what I really wanna have now is a brand new make-up set. It’s been a while that I stop shopping for it so I plan to get a new set to replace those yg dah habis lagi berdekad tu.. And yesterday, I bought this online from http://wawariena.blogspot.com
The Estee lauder Blockbuster set at RM300 
(dihadiah kan oleh suami tercinta)

Actually this is purchase with purchase. At counter – u can get it for RM220 only but you have to purchase item worth RM230. Which mean u still have to spent RM500 unless  u can share this with your friend.
 inside the box
I really love it! So GOLDEN kilau-gemilau gitu……. Over! Hahaha.. Thank sayang!!!
Psstt.. still nk kena tambah compact powder and mascara. Sempat lagi ni nak shopping kan... :)

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