02 November 2009

The Uninvited Visitors

It's Weekdays! gudbye weekend! and i'm back to H.O.M.E.A.L.O.N.E mode.
As usual - after he left to office, i will continue taking a nap while waiting 10am sebab... nk tengok some hindi drama at channel 108! soooo tak percaya kan...?? hehe...

okay, what i'm going to share today is about the Uninvited Frequent Visitor which everyday will come to my house and waiting outside the gate - looking and staring at me dengan muka penuh kesian.... and she is  Mrs. Comot!

but today, i'm a bit surprised cos she's not alone... together with her... 2 little cute baby miaauuuuuuu playing at the parking space. they're soooo comott.... kesian tengok.. rasa cam nk rendam dalam baldi air bagi mandi je.. dah le kurus2... me have no idea wether these family was pet by a neighbours or not. Coz i noticed that mrs. comot will come over during daytime - unless i gave her some delicious fuds then she might stay here all the day! haha! tak me larat and not ready lak nk jaga..

here are some photos of them..

Mrs Comot and her babies 

 Mrs Comot playing with Puteh

 lunch with nasi + ayam goreng

kita minum dulu!

dah kenyang


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