25 October 2009

Mr. Mama

Today's title cam cerita dlm tv lak.. =D

since last 2 weeks - after the operation to remove fibroid from my uterus - i was and really been taking care of him... seriously really really... i have to admit that - after 1year and 5months of our marriage - he is the man that i really can relay on during bad and gud time...

the whole 1st week after the operation - i was really in pain - added by been attacked with the gastric pain - and he never left me alone...

during the period - he became as Mr. Mama - cleaning the house - taking care of me - bathing me - nursing me - cook for me - all for me...

and today - again - he made the breakfast - wpun just masak magie sup - but it is sumthing soooo special for me - coz since i know him - Mr. B was not a cooking type man. yelah.. anak bongsu kan... i still remember the first time i saw him holding the *sudip* - looks sooooo weird! hahaha!

B - thanks for you care - thanks for your patient - (i know bukan senang nk layan my karenah bila me sakit) - but you were and always be at my side...

luv u.... alwez


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