22 June 2009

Underneath Pokok Kelapa Bowling Event '09 @ Midvalley

It's been a while i'm not play bowling as frequent as before. I left Novis league - since new edition started. And one of the reason is when my game and ranking goes down - and i decided to stop bowling for a while.

But 2months back, when RR invited me to join his team for Marsha FC event - i said "YES" - =D

Dunno why but it's hard to say NO to this guy because he's so suweeett and "manja gediks!".. ahahaha.. i can imagine how would his face like if he read this :D

So today - RR, me, DZK and dante - we are APA SALAH LIPAN team (there's a story behind of these name - tell ya later ;)) went for the event held at Midvalley. This event was organize by Marsha Fan Club - and those participants were all from AF's FCs (ie: Zizi AF7 FC, Aishah AF7 FC, Saida FC, Heliza FC, Shawal FC and etc.)

Team: Apa Salah Lipan??

And the results are - we have won the 2nd Runner Up and "Nama Team Paling Unik"!!! - cool haaa.... =D

The prizes: chocolates, Bioteam products and.... BUAH KELAPAK!

Luckily we're not conquering all the prizes as Dante had performed well during the 2nd game - with 253 pinfalls... but for myself, after surrendered my bowling balls for almost 6months - the pinfalls of 155, 155 and 135 is not that bad la..... hehe... well the highest point i ever had at Cosmic Bowling Midvalley was 180 =D

And my next game would be - Novis Jangan Konpius Event , end of this month. So guys, see u there!

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