19 April 2009

Upin in memories

Hi Blog..
how are u...? okay.. okay... i know that i had break my promises.. i'm so sorry. it's not that i forgotten about u at all.. it just that.. hurmm.. it just that.. sumtimes i just dont know how to write... in a proper way to express all my feeling, my stories.. i do want to tell u everythinggg.. if possible but sumtimes i just dun't know how to do it. maybe i'm to "new" in this blogging world..

since my last entry, there were so much thing happen in my life.. and also in people around me. and the major changes i had now was.. Me and Mr. B are now having our own house! i would like to called it as Our Little Home. we had moved out from my parents home eraly of this month. still new right.. ;)

but for this entry, i would not writing about it. i'll tell u later.. Promise! :D

it's about Upin which was no longer with me.. no longer with us (me and adik especially). I did wrote before about his birth, and after been with us for about 5 months.. he was missing away and we couldn't found him. And until today, we both have no idea what had happenned to him.. Is he still alive and been taken by sumone else..?or perhaps some bad things happened to him?
We both really had no IDEA at all..... and now, left ipin alone as wawie is not a gud mother as before...

for Upin... wherever u are... i will always miss u... take care...

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