10 September 2013

Masha & The Bear

Ever since we found out that Rania's favorite cartoon is "Masha and the Bear," we have been watching clips of it on YouTube (search Mawa Kawa).  It is a Russian folk tale - about Masha and her friend Mishka, a large bear.  Even though we cannot understand the language, but we have fell in love with this adorable little cute Masha with her characters.  Of course we can't help but see a correlation to our own little mischief maker who gets into everything. Rania really enjoyed herself watching Masha and the bear especially, and she can even laugh on her own when Masha started teasing Mishka. 

Right now we are trying to track down all the clips so that we can compile all series and Rania can watched it anywhere.


1 comment:

Haris said...

please share your entire compilation with us... our son like it a lot

mail us ur info to harismanovah@GMAIL.COM


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