05 March 2012

Cak Cak!

Salam and hi all..

again and again, it's been a long hiatus of update, see... what a 'busy' me. hehe. i know some of u must be waiting for my progress of Atkins rite? hurmm.. it goes well at the beginning, but i did spoil the diet when it comes to Weekend! aiyakk! it's been a BIG challenge to ATKINS during saturday and sunday, due to the weekends is Jalan2 and melawat mak ayah day - kat sana, macam2 makanan menanti.. penat mak mertua masak, tak makan karang kecik hati. so terpaksa la saya ngap! (alasan tak tahan dugaan sebenarnya).

anyway, my first target to achieve at least 50kg within 2 weeks was almost successful. I started the 2 Weeks Induction on 09/01/2012 with 52.5kg and supposed to be ended on 23/01/2012. However, my last record shown a progress of 50.2kg on 21/01/2012. which mean, on the day 12, i have lost 2.3kg! i think it was a big success rite? With 10days fully ATKINS during weekdays and ON/OFF during weekend, i managed to lost 2.3kg. kalau sebulan?? leh buat kiraan sendiri :)

but then, i can't focus more on ATKINS as the end of 2 weeks was fully with Public holiday like CNY, Federal Territory, Maulud Nabi, Thaipusam.. and the most big day for me that i am dying for - for the whole end of January was: preparation for my Rania's 1st Birthday Party! yeahh, me and hubby was very very buzy for the preparation. if possible, i want to make eveything by my own, for decorations, doorgift, foods and so many things was in our plan.

I can't express how "disaster" we were for the preparation - balik keje je, berkejar sana sini, went for survey and buy things like stationaries - survey for magnets, paper board, cutter, yg ada floral shapes... and did bz GOOGL-ing here and there. when it comes to weekend lak, usung Nia kesana kemari. sampai penat dia sehari suntuk ikut kami memborong barang2.. 

opss, it's already 9:40am, time to work - can't update much - only to jot down that that we just back from our vacation at PD (je....) yesterday, using GROUPON voucher.

got to go now and will update more stories - especially on Rania's Birthday party ;)

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Mrs.Farhana said...

yeay!!gd job sbb capai target, walaupun ade tuang time weken..hihi...:)


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