21 November 2009

Mari Menari!

Being all alone at home mmg tak best... especially during the weekend. tapi nk buat camne, hubby went to up-north (penang) last nite to attend a 2days course with his couleagues.
while abah, mak & ina also balik kg at Bukit Merah mlm smalam.. me and adik will be going back on Sunday morning.. ada kenduri di rumah Mak Long.

so, nothing else to be done selain surfing, facebook, playing my fav games (cafe world/fishville) and watching these back at you tube - So You Think You Can Dance (season 4) Week 1.

i would like to share this here - my favs couples & performances...

Katie & Joshua - Style: hip hop - Music : No Air
i like the most!

i luv this couple as well... the song, costume and of course the choreography.. 


Lynda.CG said...

yg hip hop tu mmh menarik la. meremang je tgk diorang dance.

Leenz said...

week 3 - tak silap dorang menari bollywood theme. mmg best ;)


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